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Space Ape Bio:

Formed deep in the heart of Texas in 2014, Space Ape is a trio that blends influence from Prog, Doom, Stoner Rock, Grunge & Metal into their own brand of powerful Heavy Rock. Their intense live performances and versatile songwriting abilities have earned high acclaim from both audiences and music critics alike. 

The three members of Space Ape (Joseph Martin, James Duffer & Nick Stanley) have been close friends since their childhood growing up in Richardson, TX. Their early obsessions for rock music and playing guitar would lead to years of jamming and eventually the formation of Space Ape. Their first live performance was on Halloween 2014 at Ash Studios in Dallas, TX. Since then, Space Ape has developed into one of the premier bands coming out of the North Texas music scene. They have performed alongside such bands as Great Electric Quest, Hyborian & Mothership among many others. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2016 and was produced by Kent Stump of the legendary band Wo-Fat. The album gained highly positive reviews from music critics and bloggers. Space Ape is currently writing new material for their second album and are continuously hitting the road with live performances!  


Jamie Funk of Divide & Conquer Music: 

James Duffer (drums/vocals), Joseph Martin (guitar/vocals) and Nick Stanley (bass) are a band from Dallas, Texas called Space Ape that recently released their self-titled debut album Space Ape. The album can be summed up in two words - heavy rock. Of course there are a lot more words which I will use but that's really the brunt of what this album is. Across these nine songs the trio brings some intense rock that you can’t call soft.

They open with “Dreamscape” which initially builds with melodic guitar picking but in just about a minute’s time the band is thrashing hard like early Metallica. The band is on point in the pocket and plows through a number of impressive riffs. By the five-minute mark the band is destroying cosmic arenas and relentless. It’s an entirely instrumental song.

“Break Through Stone” is more condensed, has some vocals and sounds a bit like Queens of The Stone Age. Up next is “Zombie Grin” which is closer to hardcore punk and metal than heavy rock. The band continues to impress with “Dealings With The Devil” and “Bird Dog.” Don’t miss the guitar solo towards the end of “Crashing Tides” or the closer “Ivory.”

There is no question these three players have some talent especially when its comes to the technical side. They make a lot of noise - the band’s metronome like timing adds to the band’s allure. I can’t say their debut is bringing a whole lot new to the table but it should be a welcome addition to fans of music from punk to metal. 

verall, this is an impressive debut with some solid songwriting. That being said I would like to see them carve out a more niche sound on their followup to help them stick out from the crowd. This is a very solid start and I hope to hear more soon.