"Origin of the Species" The Space APe BIography:

Space Ape consists of Joseph Martin (Guitar/Vocals) Nick Stanley (Bass) and James Duffer (Drums/Vocals)

The origins of Space Ape as a band go far beyond the band's official formation and really begin with the childhood friendship between it's three members Joseph Martin, Nick Stanley and James Duffer. Having grown-up together in Richardson, TX the trio collectively learned their respective instruments and shared/discovered their musical influences and abilities together throughout their teenage years. In 2009, after graduating from L.V. Berkner High School, the trio would often jam and rehearse cover songs at James Duffer's house while Duffer studied Music at Collin College and began delving into his career as a solo-artist and singer-songwriter. After several years of weekly jam sessions and rehearsals the trio had eventually written several original songs in addition to their extensive list of covers. Space Ape was officially formed in October 2014 and played their first show at Ash Studios in Dallas, TX on October 31, 2014. In the short time they have been actively performing as a band, Space Ape are quickly becoming one of the premier Heavy Rock/ Progressive Metal bands in the North Texas region. Space Ape has just released their debut album "Space Ape" in April/May 2016. Available on all digital music services as well as CD & Vinyl.

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